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Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs: Village Herbalist Nancy Phillips and Apple Grower Michael Phillips

No Nonsense Privacy Policy

We are as fussy about your privacy as we are about our own. The following statement is a formal declaration of the privacy practices at the Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs website: Questions regarding this statement should be directed to our support staff -- email the webster.

We promise that all personal information provided by you will be held in strictest confidence.

When you visit our website, or anyone else's, some information is collected. When you fill out a web form, obviously, more information is collected.

We will never share Personal Information that you provide to anyone. When we ask you for information and opinion, we will tell you what we mean to use it for.

People signing up for our Herbal Healing Network will receive occasional emailings with intriguing herbal news, events at Heartsong Farm, and special offers. People signing up for the Local Apples list will receive occasional emailings that highlight what's new on the ecological apple frontier, regional workshops, and eclectic discussion.

If you share a useful opinion or idea, we may publish it and attribute it to you, using your name and hometown. If you prefer that we not use your name, or not quote you, please so inform us in the comment space provided on all our forms -- or permanently mark yourself anonymous in our Guest Book.

If you place an order with us using our Shopping Basket, your name will be added to our customer database. We will not ask for your credit card number online or by email -- or even by phone! We do not process credit cards at this time (we are a small business), but have made arrangements with PayPal for payment for products purchased online. (You may also arrange to pay by check or money order). We try to keep the shopping experience as friendly as we can (given the limitations of the internet) and we always appreciate your feedback!


You may choose whether or not to provide Personal Information to If you choose not to provide the Personal Information when requested, you can still visit all pages of To subscribe to our herbal and apple network mailings, we provide an easy registration process. To unsubscribe at any time is as easy as entering the subscribed email address in a simple form.

When you order online, we need a little bit more information, but if online commerce makes you uneasy and you would rather stick with more old-fashioned ways: please use our printable order forms, or feel free to email us or give us a call at (603) 636-2286.


Whenever we hold your Personal Information at Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs, we promise to take all reasonable and appropriate steps to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Personalizing Your Experience

We want to make your visits to our site as comfortable as possible. If you visit in person, we want to know your name, and when you come again, we would recognize you. Likewise, our website is set to remember your name and address if you give it to us in our Guest Book or check out with a Shopping Basket. On this page you will find our no-nonsense privacy policy, but please be assured that we will never share your name and information with anyone. Even with that assurance, if you do not want us to remember anything but your email address when you sign in, just mark yourself anonymous & we'll give you a nip from our special stash of invisibility potion.

* Even our "memory" of your email is ephemeral; when you turn your browser off, our session "expires" into electronic chaos.


A "cookie" is a small text file stored by your browser on your computer. "Cookie Technology" is carefully designed so that it cannot be destructive or invasive. Typically, cookies are used to collect information about website activity, your preferences, and other bits of information that make it easier to use the web.

For example, our site uses cookies to keep track of what you put in your Shopping Basket today. The only pieces of information we keep in that cookie are the date and a unique code that identifies your basket. On our end, all we know about you before you check out is your basket's unique code and its contents (and, of course, the date.) For more about how the basket works read the FAQs.

To help our frequent visitors feel at home, and to make your visits more personal, our Guest Book and Shopping Basket recognize you by your email address as soon as you have signed in. This lets us save you from having to type the same information more than once -- if we can't do that, what are computers for? If you wander away from our site to visit our internet neighbors -- nice neighborhood! -- then return, your session will continue. Once you close your browser, the session is closed and any details about your visit vanish into the electronic unknown.

After filling your Shopping Basket we will ask for the details we need to send your goods to you. If you have ordered from us before or signed our Guest Book we will remember your address and give you a chance to update it. If you begin the check out process but do not finish it, we remember as much as we can, but before long your basket fades from memory. We understand that there are security implications to this -- if you know another customer's email address, you may be able to retrieve his or her coordinates. We try to balance convenience and confidentiality, and in this case convenience seems the more important. If this concerns you, consider marking yourself anonymous.

If you have any concerns -- or ideas! -- we encourage you to email our webster.


This website contains links to other sites. Please be aware that we at are obviously not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites. Vigilance being the concomitant of privacy as well as freedom, we encourage our visitors always to be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personally identifiable information. This privacy statement applies solely to information collected by this website.

If you are interested in exchanging links, click here to tell us about your site.

Your Consent

By using this website, you consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy and to's processing of Personal Information for the purposes given above as well as those explained where collects Personal Information using the internet.

If you have any comments or questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please email the webster. While we cannot guarantee privacy perfection, we will address any issue to the best of our abilities as soon as possible.

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