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Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs: Village Herbalist Nancy Phillips and Apple Grower Michael Phillips

2018 Speaking Schedule
Nancy & Michael Phillips

We're thrilled to offer our take on earth wisdom whenever the opportunity arises. Hope to see ya soon!

January 11-12, Mid-Ohio Growers Conference, Millersburg, Ohio. The Amish community (and others) are bringing the green man out to talk about orchard ecosystems and holistic disease management. We're also open Pandora's Box in a hands-on session on pruning fruit trees. All comes together at

January 22-24, Biological Farming Conference, Hot Springs, Virginia. This venture will find Michael speaking his heart out. We start with a half-day intensive on Nutritionally-Dense Orcharding. The conference keynote will be a Soil Redemption Song featuring mycorrhizal fungi and plants alike. Conference sessions will cover the complexity underlying spray decisions in the orchard and bringing back abandoned fruit trees. See for all the details.

January 30-February 2, CiderCon, Baltimore, Maryland. The United States Association of Cider Makers hosts the eighth annual conference celebrating the many mores of cider. Odds are high a certain guy will be speaking about holistic cider apple production in the Heritage Cider track. Check out for the scoop.

February 7-10, Farming for the Future Conference, State College, Pennsylvania. Michael will present many surprising ideas about understory ecology, holistic disease management, and our attitude about other species in a full-day Successful Biological Orcharding course on Wednesday. Next up an intensive on Biological Alchemy for fungal stewards. Conference workshop sessions will cover the Complexity of Spray Decisions in the Orchard, Soil Dynamics, and Home Orchard Care. Learn all about this inspiring conference at

The Holistic Orchard: Growing Tree Fruits and Berries the Biological Way by Michael Phillips -- click for book summary The Holistic Orchard: Growing Tree Fruits and Berries the Biological Way
Holistic Orchardist Network: -- click for more on Organic Orcharding
more resources:
Grow Organic Apples

February 22-24, Midwest Organic Farming Conference, La Crosse, Wisconsin. Mark your calendars for Michael's heartland take on Successful Biological Orcharding at Thursday's Organic University. A session talk on Fungal Consciousness will appeal to all growers eager to understand soil biology and healthy plant metabolism. Learn all about this gargantuan learning opportunity at

March 15, Cornucopia Project, Peterborough, New Hampshire. Talk on Fungal Consciousness starts at 7 PM. The Cornucopia Project helps to build healthy communities by developing agriculture-based edible education programs to children as they grow, and by playing a leadership role in the local food movement. Sponsored by Ideal Compost.

March 18, NOFA-NH Winter Conference, Concord, New Hampshire. Michael is thrilled to join with his home state NOFA chapter to offer a workshop on Fungal Consciousness and another on "orchard something" (surprises are fun!) for this one-day event. Register at to reserve your place at the table.

April 7, Albemarle Ciderworks, Charlottesville, Virginia. Join us for a comprehensive exploration of orchard health strategies that make disease and insect challenges doable for organic growers. The day will consist of a fun mix of lectures and hands-on time with trees, with many opportunities to ask questions of Michael. Come learn (click here) and then drink great cider afterwards!

April 8, Paris Apothecary, Paris, Virginia. What fun to swing by Susan Leopold's small town herb shop to dance with the mycelium. Talk on Fungal Consciousness starts at 4 PM. You might even make a weekend getaway out of this at

April 14, MOFGA Orchard Class, Unity, Maine. Michael enjoys heading "downeast" to teach folks for a full day on growing tree fruit organically for their families and communities. Come for a complete rundown on orchard pests, allies, diseases, and proven varieties from the holistic perspective. Check out MOFGA's Events Calendar for all pertinent details.

Mycorrhizal Planet: How Fungi and Plants Work Together by Michael Phillips -- click for book summary. Image by Anne Stokes, Mycorrhizal Planet: How Fungi and Plants Work Together

June 2-3, Holistic Orchard Intensive, Groveton, New Hampshire. Here at the farm!

June 28-30, Sterling College, Craftsbury Common, Vermont. Three days of hands-on learning about holistic orcharding and fungal connections with Michael as part of the School of the New American Farmstead series. Stay tuned for details at as the course schedule for 2018 is just being developed.

August 24-26, Women's Herb Conference, Hebron, New Hampshire. Nancy will be teaching with many other fabulous women from across the world. You can find out about this 31st annual gathering at the Women's Herb Conference website. Join us for this special celebration of our radiance, our bodies, and our work as wise women and healers!

August 31-September 2, Healing the Healers, Groveton, New Hampshire. Here at the farm!

November 3-4, Cider Days, Shelburne, Massachusetts. Come for two days of orchard tours, cider making and tastings, and workshops. This is for all who love apples, fresh or hard cider, apple cuisine, apple orchards or just being in New England in the fall. Apple lovers need to check out Cider Days in Franklin County in the Berkshires! Michael likely be there to share growing insights with other noted orchardists.

November 9-12, Soil Care Conference, Coolangatta (Gold Coast), Queensland, Australia. Crikey, mate! Our apple grower heads down under for some international intrigue after the harvest season. Michael will offer up a plenary keynote on Soil Redemption, a full-day intensive on Successful Biological Orcharding, along with two breakout sessions. See for details as plans take firmer root.

November 14, Organic Horticulture Benefits Alliance, Houston, Texas. Michael will present an expanded talk on Biological Alchemy starting around 5 PM. The OHBA is all about helping the world move towards organics and sustainability. And deep in the heart of Texas, no less!

Nancy, Michael and Gracie Phillips: the Heartsong Farm family -- click to learn more about us. (photo: Frank Siteman) stripe

Don't forget to check out our schedule of classes as well! Our programs here at Heartsong Farm emphasize meeting the plants and connecting with the spirit of the land. Many find the chance to visit this blessed spot a healing adventure in itself. Each year we'll be hosting notable community herbalists who will offer advanced teachings as part of our ongoing Radiant Women Weekends. Orchardists-to-be will want to mark their calendars for our Holistic Orchard Intensive with Michael held early in June. We're honored to have you join us.

We can come to your Conference! Interested in having us come to speak about organic orcharding, community herbalism, and self-reliant living? All you have to do is ask! We'll send you a presentation flyer outlining the types of talks we offer and our needs as regards expenses. Michael is available as well to do organic orchard consultations, which include a site visit and mentoring throughout a growing season.


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