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Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs: Village Herbalist Nancy Phillips and Apple Grower Michael Phillips

$50 Healing Herb Reserve Notes

We offer our "farm money" as the best way for people to purchase our herbs and herbal preparations. We honor your pre-season payment-in-full by including a shipping discount (of 5 percent) with each $50 reserve note purchased before May 1. Your job is to anticipate your herbal needs for the year ahead, and then order "reserve notes enough" to cover those needs. Don't place a web order for specific items; simply order the number of notes desired. We will immediately contact you to get a complete list of which farm products you want reserved.

Reserve Notes are mailed out in winter and spring upon payment, to be redeemed later at face value upon a settling of that year's account. Generally, we make monthly shipments as individual herbs become available; depending upon the size of the original order. You'll find a running credit tally on the invoice that accompanies each shipment. Any remaining credit can gladly be carried over to the next season, if you wish.

We give top priority to filling our Reserve Note orders first. Healing herbs, garlic and herbal preparations from Nancy's apothecary can be reserved with this plan. Orders to non-prepaying customers will be filled only after reserve note orders have been shipped. Our "advice to the wise" is to purchase reserve notes early and then relax knowing that your order for nettles, milky oats, hawthorn leaf & flower, and our most popular herbal remedies will be sure to arrive at your door later that summer and fall.

Now you can order online!
Click "reserve now" to buy your Healing Herb Reserve Note using PayPal.
Healing Herb Reserve Note from Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs
The elfin artwork on our Reserve Notes can be credited to our wonderfully-talented neighbor, Susannah Becker. All the fun designs found on our labels - and even the purple lady who graces our logo - are the work of our talented friend. The drawing on our farm money features "Zachary the dwarfish farmer" offering a bouquet of flowers to his beloved "Esmerelda the herbal princess" . . . but perhaps that's a story we'll let our daughter Gracie tell you someday!
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