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Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs: Village Herbalist Nancy Phillips and Apple Grower Michael Phillips

Nancy's Apothecary

Growing and harvesting our own herbs at the time of optimum potency enables us to make the finest quality herbal remedies. Here we offer some of our community favorites. A few of these preparations are available only on a seasonal basis in the fall as demand for these products is high.

The soothing qualities of calendula blossoms are combined with comfrey leaf and St. John's Wort in our favorite healing salve.
The soothing qualities of calendula blossoms are combined with comfrey leaf and St. Johns Wort in our favorite healing salve.

Early orders may be reserved by purchasing Healing Herb Reserve Notes. We suggest contacting us to check on product availability throughout the rest of the year.

Our Herbal Offerings

St. John's Wort has a satisfying happiness about it no matter how we take its medicine!
St. John's Wort has a satisfying happiness about it no matter how we take its medicine!

Family Favorites


St. John's Wort Liniment

4 ounce bottle costs $24

A soothing liniment for aching muscles and joints. The deep red infused oil of St. John's Wort has long been noted as helping repair nerve damage in tissue. We find combining this oil with St. John's Wort tincture readily absorbs into the skin, resulting in an ideal liniment. The essential oil of birch makes this blend all the more penetrating and relaxing.

Heartsong Healing Salve

2 ounce jar costs $10

out of stock

We make our all-purpose healing salve by infusing calendula, comfrey, and St. John's Wort in organic cold pressed olive oil then adding beeswax and essential oil of lavender. It is strong enough to heal cracked gardener's hands and gentle enough to use on a diaper rash. It can be used for any dry itchy rash, hemorrhoids, minor cuts and abrasions, and minor burns.

Sacred Basil Glycerite

4 ounce bottle costs $20


The healing qualities of Ocimum sanctum include improving vitality, reducing heart stress, and helping with respiratory infections. This adaptogenic herb is noted for reducing the side effects of chemotherapy. Our glycerite formulation contains one part Sacred Basil tincture as a preservative.

Herbal Mouthwash Concentrate

4 ounce bottle costs $24

Nancy originally formulated this to use for sore throats. Promotes healthy gums and teeth if used daily as a mouthwash. Contains echinacea, spilanthes, white willow bark, and essential oil of peppermint and tea tree. Add 5 or more drops to half an ounce of water.

The pink pollen stamens in these native hawthorn blossoms indicate optimal medicinal potency.

High Calcium Tonic

16 ounce bottle costs $24

out of stock

Real apple cider vinegar (made from organic apples) makes an excellent menstruum for pulling the minerals out of these high calcium herbs: Nettles, oats, raspberry leaf, horsetail, borage, and organic eggshells. Use daily as a vitamin tonic. Our limited production of vinegar tonic is available each fall.

Nancy's Elderberry Syrup

8 ounce bottle costs $18

out of stock

This delicious syrup can be used for cold and flu symptoms. The color alone is enough to perk one up! Our "low honey syrup" must be kept refrigerated and used within one year. As an antiviral brew, elderberry is essential medicine for our family every winter.

Wild Cherry Bark Cough Syrup

4 ounce bottle costs $14

out of stock

We make this special syrup with wild cherry bark, elecampane tincture, licorice, fennel seeds, cinnamon, ginger, black cherry concentrate and honey. It's very helpful for coughs and upper respiratory congestion. Adults can use 1 tablespoon and children a teaspoon several times a day, or whenever a bout of coughing starts up.

Infused Oil of St. John's Wort

4 ounce bottle costs $22

We infuse fresh St. John's Wort tops in warmed organic olive oil, drawing out the carmine red healing properties of the herb into the oil. Practicing herbalists purchase our pure St. John's Wort oil to make burn salves and neuralgia remedies.

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echinacea purpurea cluster at Heartsong Farm -- click for information about the Earth Medicine Share from Heartsong Farm
Families love to opt into our Earth Medicine Share for year-round healing purpose.

Simple Tinctures

1 ounce bottle w/dropper    $9
2 ounce bottle w/dropper    $14
4 ounce bottle    $26

Nancy preserves many medicinal herbs as extracts, and here are the mainstays. Please contact Nancy if you need an herbal tincture that doesn't appear on this list.

Main Crops Part Used 1oz: $9 2oz: $14 4oz: $26
Black Cohosh
Cimicifuga racemosa
Rubus villosus
Blue Vervain
Verbena hastata
leaf, flower  
Eupatorium perfoliatum
leaf, flower  
Galium aparine
aerial parts  
Taraxacum officinale
Echinacea purpurea
root, leaf, flower, seed  
Sambucus canadensis
Sambucus canadensis
flower clusters  
Inula helenium
Tanacetum parthenium
leaf, flowers  
Crataegus spp
leaf, flower, berries  
Humulus lupulus
Lobelia inflata
leaf, flower  
Leonurus cardiaca
leaf, flower  
Avena sativa
green milky heads  
Sacred Basil
Ocimum sanctum
leaf, flower  
Scuttelaria lateriflora
leaf, flower  
Spilanthes oleracea
leaf, flower, seeds  
St. Johns Wort
Hypericum perforatum
flower buds, leaf  
Sweet Leaf
Monarda fistulosa
leaf, flower  
Valeriana officinalis
Wild Lettuce
Lactuca scariola
leaf, flower  
Achillea millefolium
leaf, flower  

All of these tinctures are made from our home grown herbs in a water/alcohol base. We like to use alcohol for most herbs, as it is the best menstruum for absorbing the majority of plant constituents and has an excellent shelf life. Our extracts are hand-processed in small batches, one gallon at a time.

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The Herbalist's Way: The Art and Practice of Healing with Plant Medicines by Nancy and Michael Phillips -- click for book summary The Herbalist's Way: The Art and Practice of Healing with Plant Medicines leftie

Compound Formulas

4 ounce bottle (cap only)    $28

Digestive Tonic

Acid reflux ties to far more than what may have just been eaten. On the other hand, quick relief means a lot. Contains meadowqueen (Filipendula ulmaria), licorice root, and calendula in a water/ alcohol base.

Immunity Tonic

Helps build immune function and restore energy levels over time. Contains spilanthes, astragulus, echinacea, licorice, and elderberry in a water/alcohol base.

Calming Compound

Use larger doses for sleep; smaller doses for stress, PMS, fright, or that rough day at the office. Contains skullcap, chamomile, lemon balm, valerian, oats, and spearmint in a water/alcohol base.

Garlic (Allium sativum) -- illustration by Robin Wimbiscus

Lower the Temp

Helps reduce high fever. Contains peppermint, catnip, elder flower, and echinacea.

Please contact Nancy if you need a special blend you have created or one recommended by your health care practitioner.

Returns Policy

We make our herbal medicines for you with utmost integrity, often on a custom basis. No huge inventory of product looms to grab and pull an order - more often than not it's the herbs preserved on Nancy's apothecary shelves (if not still fresh out in the field!) that go into these lovingly-prepared offerings. We want you to value our products fully as well as our efforts to prepare these herbs especially for you. In that spirit, please understand that we cannot accept returns for a refund on your apothecary order. It's safer for both you and us that we do not send products onto new destinations.

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