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Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs: Village Herbalist Nancy Phillips and Apple Grower Michael Phillips

Earth Medicine Share:
Give the Gift That Heals

Supporting the Land that Heals You

We offer an exciting selection of plant medicines to enhance your well being in our Earth Medicine Share. Buying a share in the farm's harvest ahead of time - known as Community Supported Agriculture -- provides a grower with a vital cash infusion for spring planting and the earnest work of summer. In turn, we promise you an array of healing goodness come harvest time. This vital connection between the living soil and the giving spirit of the plants helps this family farm effort precisely because we make a financial commitment to each other from the get go.

Your purchase of one or more Earth Medicine Shares at $90 per share is an investment in both the farm's health and your own health. All shares ordered before May 1 of each new year will be discounted by $10 . . . which is our way of saying thanks for helping us with the farm budget each spring! These herbal medicines come attractively packaged, thereby making a great gift as well. All shares are shipped out farm fresh in the fall. Shipping is free anywhere in the continental United States.

Order early so we can be sure to include you among our Heartsong Farm Healing Herb "shareholders."

Each Medicine Share includes the following:

echinacea purpurea cluster at Heartsong Farm

Echinacea Tincture
(4 ounce bottle)

Our echinacea tincture is made with fresh leaves, flowers, seeds, and roots of the Echinacea purpurea plant that we harvest here on the farm. We use this medicine at the first sign of sore throat, flu or cold symptoms. This tincture never fails to work for our family when enough is used and often enough. An average adult dose is a half-teaspoon several times a day when showing symptoms. We also use it as preventive medicine before flying and when others around us are sick.

Nancy, Michael and Gracie Phillips: family tree on the family farm. (photo: Frank Siteman)

Echinacea can also be used for any type of infection in the body. It enhances the body's natural immune system. There is no known toxicity to this herb so you don't have to be fearful about using too much. Our tinctures are made with fresh herb in 50% alcohol because this is the best way to draw out the plant's medicine and preserve it. If you want to reduce the alcohol content, put the proper dose in a hot cup of tea: some of the alcohol will evaporate. Nancy just slugs hers down straight, Michael likes to put his in a small amount of water, and Gracie likes hers in a bit of apple juice or tea with honey.

Select Organic Garlic
(Half pound each of two varieties)

Wow! Garlic is one of the best ways to make food be your medicine. We use it all year round in our soups, sauces, omelets, and pasta dishes. Try it as a specific medicine for sore throats: suck on a clove overnight for it's localized antibiotic effect. Or a respiratory infection: add fresh minced garlic to a strong broth. Or ear aches: gently infuse olive oil with fresh chopped garlic, strain and cool to blood-warm, then insert oil drops in both ears.

Fresh garlic has strong immune boosting properties, so make it a goal to eat some raw garlic each day. Immediate cooking, however, will destroy the allicin released upon cutting the clove. Chopping cloves up ten minutes before throwing into the fry pan allows the allinase enzyme time to produce the cancer-fighting allyl sulfur compound. In truth, more than one hundred compounds give garlic its synergistic abilities as a healing herb. Ajoene (produced by macerating fresh garlic in olive oil) helps prevent blood clots and works against certain cancers. Diallyl trisulfide is liver friendly and antiviral. These compounds together help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar, relieve asthma and bronchitis, and improve circulation and heart function. No pill company will ever be able to deliver the whole plant potency of organic garlic. Store fresh garlic in a cool, dark place or in the refrigerator.

Healing Salve
(2 ounce jar)

Another one of our family favorites is this all-purpose healing salve. We make this by infusing calendula, comfrey, and St. John's wort in organic cold pressed olive then adding beeswax and essential oils. It is strong enough to heal cracked gardener's hands and gentle enough to use on a diaper rash. It can be used for any dry itchy rash, hemorrhoids, minor cuts and abrasions, and minor burns. Don't use a salve on any oozing rash (like poison ivy) as oils are apt to spread the problem.

Herbal Tea Blends
(2 ounce bag each of two favorites)

Our VitaMint tea is a yummy blend of nettles, peppermint, rose hips, and raspberry leaf that gently nourishes your nervous system. Sleep Easy tea relaxes you with skullcap, chamomile, lemon balm, oats, and spearmint. We'll surprise you with a mix of tasty digestive herbs in our Anise Hyssop tea blend. All tea herbs are grown and harvested here at Heartsong Farm; each share will include two favorites of our choosing. Use approximately 1 tablespoon of tea per cup of water. Pour boiling water over and let it steep 5 to 10 minutes. The more tea used -- and the longer you let it steep - the more medicinal it becomes.

Wild Cherry Bark Cough Syrup
(4 ounce bottle)

We make this special syrup with wild cherry bark, elecampane tincture, licorice, fennel seeds, cinnamon, ginger, black cherry concentrate and honey. It's very helpful for coughs and upper respiratory congestion. Adults can use 1 tablespoon and children a teaspoon several times a day, or whenever a bout of coughing starts up.


The healing power of the plants awaits!

Order online (using PayPal) by clicking the "reserve now" button at right or send a check for $90 to reserve your Earth Medicine Share today.

These shares make thoughtful gifts as well, just tell as to whom you wish an herbal gift box to be sent and any other special instructions. Shipping is included in the price of each share. Orders received by May 1 each spring will be discounted by $10; all orders must be received no later than October 1 for the current year's share. Payment can be sent directly as well to:

Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs
859 Lost Nation Road
Groveton, NH 03582

for fall delivery.

If you wish to purchase our products by check,
click for our printable Price Lists and Order Forms.

More Earth Medicine from Heartsong Farm

Michael and Gracie going to pick healing herbs for Heartsong Farm Earth Medicine Shares -- photo: Geoff Forester.
Michael & Gracie going to pick healing herbs for Heartsong Farm Earth Medicine Shares.
photo: Geoff Forester


Y'all Come Back Now, Hear?

Thanks for supporting our family farm. We delight in sharing the gifts of the plants with all of you.

Green Blessings!

Nancy, Michael, & Gracie

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